Monday, 11 April 2011


To be a receptionist of hotel is so easy as one sees from out, until you do not work as such and know the sector you do not value it, for not speaking about the work of housekeeping...
Receptionist is the first face a visitor sees when he/she enters in the hotel. The first impressions are very important, for it the receptionist is a key piece in the hotel.
To be a receptionist of hotel you have to do reservations, check in and check out of the guests and functions of the telephone.

¨ In the reservations it is necessary to do many things, functions as:
- To do, to confirm and to check periodic reviews in the system.
- To assign rooms.
- To control keys of rooms and main key.

¨ As for check in and check out:
- To register and to assign rooms to the guests.
- To realize changes of rooms.
- To give gone out for the rooms to the exit of the guest.
- To control income of baggage.
- To sell the services of the Hotel.
- To control the sending of faxes and messages to guests.
- It takes the control of objects given to the guests.
- Person in charge of all the procedures for arrival, change and cancellation of reservations.
- Person in charge of the control of warehouses and reimbursements of reservations.

¨ And in the telephone central office:
- To answer telephones.
- It distributes messages and correspondence.
- To supervise that the respective charges are done by the long-distance calls.
- To check and to realize the morning calls to guests.

As for verbal and not verbal language and ways of behaving like in all work. To be educated and nicely, to go uniformed and clean good, to be a patient and not to give bad answers...

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


My name is Mery. I' m twenty-two years old. I was born on 10th August. I' m from Madrid and I live in Madrid too. I have one brother, Samuel, and he is going to be a father in November. I' m very happy because  I'm going to be aunt !
 Nowadays I 'm not working but I' d like to as soon as possible. I have some work experience in different jobs. I worked in a Jeweller's shop, this was my first job, I worked in a summer camp with childrens, as a promoter, as a saleswoman in the Corte Ingl├ęs and the last job was in a shop as a saleswoman in Stradivarius. In the future I would like to work in an airline because I love travelling but before I have to learn English well for this purpose.
I like meeting with my friends, I like reading, I like swimming, I like riding a bike.. I like sports in general and I love the animals but I' don't have any.